Handbook of Clinical Drug Data

«…will be useful to all health care professionals in a clinical setting.» — Review of the previous edition from the Australian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy
*Comparison charts compare and contrast drugs within the therapeutic classes, enabling readers to decide which is the best drug to use and prescribe
*Written from primary literature, not compiled from drug manufacturers promotional material
*Provides a wealth of clinical information on the use and misuse of drugs not found in any other drug reference

Handbook of Herbs and Spices. Volume 1

A comprehensive handbook for food processors. Addresses individual herbs and spices and pays particular attention to description, production, main uses, health, quality, and regulatory issues associated with each herb and spice.

Medical terminology, an illustrated guide

This easy-to-read, highly illustrated text serves as a comprehensive introduction to the field of medical terminology. It provides a detailed examination of normal structure and function, diseases, diagnosis and treatment. With four-color illustrations in every chapter, this informative text covers normal anatomy, physiology and clinical material. Flashcards, study exercises and case studies make this an ideal study tool. This second edition includes more key words for disorders, diagnosis and treatment, 50 additional illustrations of clinical concepts, more clinical case studies and expanded coverage of medications. Also included are crossword puzzles for review, learning objectives, chapter outlines and an index. A set of three supplementary review tapes is available to instructors, containing over three hours of study exercises.

Parisiana nomina anatomica (lat,ru)

Настоящая книга является четвертым изданием, переработанным и значительно дополненным. В ней приведен полный список анатомических терминов на латинском и русском языках, расположенных по системам организма и органам. Список латинских терминов соответствует Международной Парижской анатомической номенклатуре с дополнениями, внесенными на последующих анатомических конгрессах, включая X Международный анатомический конгресс в Токио (1975). Русские анатомические термины соответствуют терминам Международной анатомической номенклатуры. Список русских терминов подготовлен комиссией, назначенной приказом министра здравоохранения СССР, одобрен терминологической комиссией Президиума АМН СССР и утвержден в качестве официального VIII Всесоюзным съездом анатомов, гистологов и эмбриологов. Книга рассчитана на широкий круг врачей разных специальностей, редакционных работников.

Poucher`s Perfumes, Cosmetics and Soaps

Poucher`s Perfumes, Cosmetics and Soaps has been in print since 1923 and is the classic reference work in the field of cosmetics. Now in its 10th edition, this new volume provides a firm basic knowledge of the science of cosmetics (including toiletries) as well as incorporating the latest trends in scientific applications and legislation which have occurred since the 9th edition. The book has been logically ordered into four distinct parts. The historical overview of Part I contains an essay demonstrating William Arthur Poucher`s influence on the 20th century cosmetics industry as well as a chapter detailing the long history of cosmetics. Part 2 is a comprehensive listing of the properties and uses of common cosmetic types, ranging from antiperspirants through to sunscreen preparations. There are an increased number of raw materials in use today and their chemical, physical and safety benefits are carefully discussed along with formulation examples. The many additions since the last edition demonstrate the recent dramatic expansion in the industry and how changes in legal regulations affecting the development, production and marketing of old, established, and new products are operative almost worldwide. Information on specialist products for babies and others is included within individual chapters.